Successfully Navigating Change

The need for technology transformation and consolidation is being driven by years of decentralized, duplicative, legacy implementations that increase risk, have high maintenance costs, and are supported by limited resources.

Trowbridge brings the people, processes, and tools to transform and consolidate at a system or Agency level. Our engineers leverage our superior enterprise architecture to guide technology transformation and consolidation, using process-driven IT service delivery methods that result in a next-generation, more efficient infrastructure. These methods enable us to right-size applications and develop flexible, scalable solutions such as cloud services. At the same time, they ensure the use of strong IT governance, policy, and oversight processes for secure, efficient, and cost-effective use of resources.

  • Data Center Consolidation

  • Application Rationalization and Consolidation

  • Hyperconverged Solutions

  • Service Consolidation

  • Software Defined Networking

Case Study in Application Rationalization and Consolidation: Trowbridge engineers and developers provided re-usable artifacts, components, development, patterns, source code, and templates to reduce future costs and speed application development, consolidations, and cloud migrations for a DoD customer. We also created an automated testing environment that provides service validation and security testing. These changes have provided predictability in scheduling and delivering quality application consolidation. In addition, they have increased confidence, minimized risk, and significantly increased uniformity in the areas of security, capacity, and budget control.