From Road Map to Results

Agencies are performing modernization so that they can easily scale and adapt to meet evolving mission needs. This requires a mature business architecture blueprint to support change, effective administrative controls to guide the environment, and the application of best practices in acquiring systems and services.

Trowbridge delivers enterprise architecture capabilities—analysis, planning, design, and implementation—that help agencies improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their IT operations and accommodate future requirements. This includes building business architectures that clearly align an organization’s capabilities with its strategic objectives and tactical needs. As a result, we can more quickly drive change while ensuring participation by all stakeholders. In every modernization effort, we follow PMBOK principles for program and project management, providing in-depth, true business case analysis, requirements analysis, risk management, and cost control. We also ensure DODAF conformance for architecture, providing a structured approach that distinctly communicates an Agency’s vision. This enables us to successfully meet performance and schedule requirements as we develop next-generation solutions.

  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Unified Capabilities

  • Virtualization

  • Automation

  • Software Defined Networking

  • Network Services

  • Data Center Operations

Case Study in Enterprise Modernization: Trowbridge used business architecture to solution an Installation Processing Node (IPN) for over 50,000 end users while enhancing business processes and eliminating redundant operations. We addressed the security, maintainability, and stability of the IPN in multiple functional areas, providing a sustainable infrastructure management model for the remainder of the enterprise. We simultaneously improved the customer experience through strategic communications and PMBOK methodologies.