Instilling Cyber Confidence

The days of simply deploying a firewall or providing perimeter security are gone. The most sophisticated attacks in history are being executed—right now—and data is the target of the enemy. Insider threats, social engineering, and employee behavior add to the complexities of protecting digital information from attack.

To help secure customer environments, Trowbridge leverages our established enterprise architecture to provide strong authentication, device hardening, a reduced attack surface, and the ability to detect and respond to potential intrusions. We integrate next-generation technologies with our solutions to go beyond traditional north-south protection, adding east-west protection and macro- and micro-segmentation services. We manage security in the context of risk, tailoring protections to specific customers and developing responsive structures that adapt to changing threats, vulnerabilities, and needs. We also adhere to applicable security regulations, instructions, directives, and frameworks, ensuring that our cybersecurity solutions are sound and supportive.

  • Cybersecurity Architecture

  • Policy and Governance

  • RMF

  • Insider Threat

  • CND and Intrusion Detection

  • Application Hardening

Case Study in Risk Management Framework (RMF) Assessment and Authorization (A&A): One of our customers needed to both earn an Authority To Operate (ATO) and learn the RMF A&A requirements leading to an ATO. Trowbridge assigned a project manager to develop a repeatable process that included all discrete tasks and a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) with Agency-specific timeframes. This process allowed us to measure improvement and increase customer satisfaction. We submitted the project plan to our RMF Evaluation Team to validate completeness and implemented it successfully.