Maximizing Your Cloud Investment

Emerging technologies such as machine learning in cloud services vary greatly, and a challenge is to bridge the gap between a capability and an innovative solution. Simply employing a cloud capability doesn’t lead to decreased costs—it can increase them, if a proper solution has not been architected and adapted as technological modernization properly delivered with speed and agility.

Trowbridge brings positive customer experiences by providing cloud solutions, transforming concepts into realization. We maintain a disciplined engineering practice to deliver secure, high-quality capabilities within on-premise, off-premise, hybrid, and AWS and Azure cloud computing platforms. Whether starting from brainstorming or progressing through application transformation and migration to O&M needs, we provide our superior Enterprise Architecture as the foundation of cloud services decision making to enhance customer experience via public, private, community, or hybrid, and various secure cloud solutions by turning technology into strategic advantage and operational performance improvement.

  • Application Transformation & Migration
  • Business Case Analysis

  • Change Management

  • Could Engineering

  • Cloud Migration

  • Cybersecurity

  • In-Depth Technical Analysis

  • Machine-Learning Implementation

  • Public, Private, Community, Hybrid

  • Secure Cloud

Case Study in Changing a Cloud Capability into a Solution: Trowbridge performed an in-depth technical analysis of the current environment and then transformed a DoD customer’s existing cloud capability into a solution by implementing various controls and machine learning to ensure end-to-end data security while providing global data interaction from multiple platforms, operationalizing the customer’s mission. Simultaneously, we implemented a user-friendly console to provide the DoD customer the level of control and oversight required to validate consumption trends and provide support for strategy to manage consumption-based bills.