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Organizations must adhere to increasing security requirements while meeting customer needs for expanded data interaction capabilities from multiple platforms—both stationary and mobile—for new and legacy applications and systems.

T&T application teams combine high-level architecture expertise with solid engineering and best practices from Agile and DevOps to rapidly deliver high-quality solutions for multiple platforms, including mobile. For cloud solutions, our established enterprise architecture provides the decision-making foundation for application rationalization, selection, and migration methods. We then use disciplined processes to meet clearly defined objectives and enhance the customer experience.

  • DevOps

  • Mobility

  • Application Transformation and Migration

  • Agile Services

Case Study in Application Cloud Deployment and Virtualization: For a Federal client, T&T developed an innovative cloud solution that leveraged existing management applications to automatically create user accounts and provide user management functions. At the same time, we integrated single-sign-on. We improved the customer experience for more than 100,000 users by expanding the platforms from which they could interact with data quickly, easily, and securely—and we did so with zero disruption.