Trowbridge endeavors to be a premier IT federal contracting company in the country. Our culture supports this goal through innovation, professionalism, teamwork, and customer focus. We also know that technical excellence is never the total solution, talent is nothing without determination, and teamwork is dependent on commitment to a common goal. For that reason, we have embedded principles in our corporate culture to transform the way we do business.

Agility & Progress

We hold ourselves to the highest standards for success to advance our clients missions and our employees’ careers. Accountability, action and agility lay the foundation for our engagements.

Ethics & Integrity

Our word is our bond and all Trowbridge associates are held to the highest ethical standards. We believe integrity should be beyond reproach and we conduct our business accordingly.

Innovation & Leaning Forward

We embrace innovative solutions, creative problem solving and doing whatever it takes to ensure success for our clients.

Collaboration & Trust

Our associates work in partnership with our clients to foster collaboration and build trust.

Transparency & Communication

We believe in open communication and honest dialogue to foster transparency at all levels.

Trowbridge is an organization with strong values of responsibility and integrity. Our Code of Conduct contains general guidelines for all employees and partners to conduct business with the highest standards of ethics. If a situation arises where you have concerns about the ethical behavior of co-workers, supervisors, or partners, we encourage you to call our Business Ethics hotline (1-844-540-5953) or click here to report a possible violation.