Our Clients

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As a trusted and proven partner for federal technology solutions, T&T serves diverse clients with diverse missions—from engineering cloud solutions at the Pentagon to supporting the production of timely and accurate labor statistics. On all our programs, we focus on being responsive to client needs. We view our client relationships as partnerships, and we place a high priority on collaboration. Our unique combination of proven process management and operational agility help our customers effectively and efficiently achieve their mission goals of protection and helping the American people.


In the federal defense market, clients are unified by a common mission—protecting the United States against urgent, persistent threats to national security. Defense spending is driven as much by economics and politics as by the specific nature of current threats. These factors are turning defense customers toward transformation and consolidation to meet new challenges—and T&T is highly experienced in providing innovative systems and services that directly benefit the Warfighter.

Federal Civilian

T&T designs and delivers custom IT solutions that address the complex needs of federal civilian agencies. Although requirements vary, these agencies often have limited resources, budgets, and time. With these constraints in mind, we tailor our services to provide best-value solutions that allow government agencies to perform their jobs more efficiently and deliver better results. Since many of our programs serve veterans, civilians, and the emerging workforce, these benefits have a direct impact on Americans’ daily lives.

Intelligence Community

The intelligence community provides policymakers with critical information to help guide our country’s security decisions and actions. T&T connects clients in the intelligence community with advanced technologies and processes to facilitate knowledge gathering, analysis, and dissemination. We also apply our expertise in cybersecurity to safeguard our assets from attack. As a result, we are helping to preserve our national security and further our capabilities in this area.