Systems Engineering & Architecture

In general, federal agencies are moving away from large standalone systems and toward environments that rely heavily on integrated IT services. To successfully create these environments, organization must implement new, complex, IT architectures while simultaneously supporting the migration of an installed base of legacy systems. No single method or process is sufficient or flexible enough to meet the needs of these system integration projects. Certain aspects of a system may justify the use of model-driven development, while others may benefit most from agile, waterfall, iterative, or parallel methods.

T&T’s technical teams are Federally focused and understand Agency based regulations and how to provide real world integrated solutions to resolve them. Our strong vendor ties allow our technical teams to quickly resolve issues and provide proven solutions.

  • Integration
  • Cloud orchestration
  • Datacenter and systems modernization
  • Hybrid cloud integration
  • Automation and manpower multipliers

T&T ensures the engineering and integration methods chosen for each client are appropriate for that customer’s requirements based on the system’s characteristics, qualities, organizations, events, and stakeholders. Our nitrated systems engineering teams apply tactical implementation of engineered solutions to build in automation and create manpower multipliers. T&T’s SME Pool provides a mechanism to apply expertise from throughout T&T’s enterprise to solve Agency problems and implement new solutions. Our systems engineers carefully evaluate all the structures and services that are candidates for integration or consolidation, providing focused areas of support and critical partners to provide our customers with proven integrated solution teams.