Application Development & Software Engineering

The federal government emphasizes structured, replicable, and reliable approaches to software development that focus on requirements planning in the initial stages of development. For new systems, it is necessary to carefully match functionality to defined requirements to minimize cost and schedule risks. With these objectives in mind, the success of a software development program relies on three factors: a manageable environment, disciplined processes, and realistic metrics. Many government agencies are employing Agile software development methodologies that rely on regular measurements and assessments to continually reevaluate and improve the solution. This empirical approach not only yields continuous improvement, but also the flexibility needed to respond to unforeseen demands. This is consistent with shifts to service-oriented architecture (SOA) and cloud computing, where new features and functionality are added incrementally to deliver faster return-on-investment.

T&T provides integrated software development and support teams with a demonstrated track record of adding customer value. Our business analysts, software architects, software engineers, data architects, and QA engineers operate in well-documented, high-quality, and robust software development environments.

  • Agile/Waterfall
  • DevOps operations and team adoption
  • Cloud based development and test environments
  • Mobile app development
  • Cyber Security in a Box service

T&T’s development methodology leverages best of breed practices for Agile, DevOps and traditional Waterfall process to provide continuous delivery, ensures that system changes are optimized, and encourages rapid changes with immediate feedback from users. T&T can support all, or individual parts of the SDLC through our Shared Solutions Model. We integrate software development into our Systems Engineering, Cyber Security and Cloud Computing practices. We create automated virtual and cloud based deployments of Dev, Test and Production environments that can be quickly tailored and re-utilized.

T&T has expertise in creating “Cyber Security in a Box” services to quickly create industry leading security and testing solutions for penetration and load testing applications based on real world parameters. We also are expert at automated system and application virtualization and migration to new cloud and virtual environments.