T&T is a client-centric, full service solutions provider. We take the time to integrate our clients’ needs crafting targeted solutions based on understanding your requirements, developing a mutually beneficial partnership, and transforming knowledge into solutions. We focus on cost-effective results bridging the technology needs of today with the possibilities of the future.  

T&T provides a large portfolio of vendor agnostic IT solutions including application management, infrastructure modernization, cybersecurity, systems integration, unified communications, and cloud computing.



Enterprise IT Modernization & Maintenance

T&T supports our clients’ initiatives at both the enterprise and program level, creating the customized approach necessary to meet the mission requirements of diverse end-users within an organization. We fully understand the push to transparency and government-wide initiatives calling for openness. We are experienced with the wide variety of policies and regulations regarding IT systems, processes, and infrastructure, providing services from Windows 10 upgrades to engineered Service Desk modernization and consolidations. 


Systems Engineering & Architecture

T&T ensures the engineering and integration methods chosen for each client are appropriate for that customer’s requirements based on the system’s characteristics, qualities, organizations, events, and stakeholders. Our systems engineers carefully evaluate all the structures and services that are candidates for integration or consolidation, focusing on the potential business benefits and cost savings that would result from the new environment.


Cybersecurity & Information Assurance

T&T’s experience with Cybersecurity gives us an enhanced ability to facilitate cross-domain communication and coordinate the integration of task activities by integrating our knowledge of 2015 DOD Cyber Strategy, NIST Special Publications (SP) 800-53 Revision 4, Committee on National Security Systems (CNSS) 1253, the Comprehensive National Cyber Security Initiative (CNSI), and other policies, standards, and mandates that govern cyber security certifications and accreditations.


Unified Communications & Telecomm

The convergence of voice, video, and data services on a shared infrastructure represents both a technological and cultural shift for federal agencies. If implemented correctly, it offers the opportunity for significant cost-savings and benefits to productivity. T&T designs and implements customized UC solutions that are both best-in-class and best-value for our clients. Our tasks range from connectivity changes within a user base to alterations of core system capacity and delivered features.


Comprehensive Cloud Engineering

Cloud technologies provide a scalable way to share demand across infrastructure assets, leveraging operational efficiencies and complementing data center consolidation benefits, like reductions in cost and environmental impact, enhanced security, and increased efficiency. T&T provides full-lifecycle, enterprise-level, mission-critical services for thousands of government workers, testing and deploying WAN components, detecting and resolving infrastructure failures, configuring servers, hubs, and routers across the nation.


Application Development & Software Engineering

T&T provides integrated software development and support teams with a demonstrated track record of adding customer value. Our business analysts, software architects, software engineers, data architects, and QA engineers operate in a well-documented, high-quality, and robust software development environment. T&T’s development methodology provides continuous delivery, ensures that system changes are optimized, and encourages rapid changes with immediate feedback from users.