T&T endeavors to be the premier woman-owned IT federal contracting company in the country. Our culture supports this goal through innovation, professionalism, teamwork, and customer focus. We also know, however, that technical excellence is never the total solution, talent is nothing without determination, and teamwork is dependent on commitment to a common goal. For that reason, we have embedded principles in our corporate culture to transform the way we do business.

Create Success

  1. People Create Solutions – Our employees are the core of our success and the foundation of our customer support. We empower ourselves and our customers by attracting talented professionals to a culture that provides stability, loyalty, and opportunity for career advancement.
  2. Integrity Creates Trust – We strive to earn not just customer satisfaction, but customer respect and trust. From our strong indirect cost controls to our proactive customer feedback processes, we encourage honest communication and open discussion to enhance the reliability of our services.
  3. Diversity Creates Quality – We welcome new ideas and new perspectives from all sources. Our corporate resources extend from the east coast to the southwest and our diverse staff is united by a common dedication to excellence.
  4. Knowledge Creates Innovation – Our seasoned executive management bring decades of government consulting experience to our clients. We are committed to capturing and re-purposing knowledge by building a culture and tools that emphasize the sharing and preservation of good ideas.
  5. Partnership Creates Community – We have an unwavering commitment to advancing our clients’ missions through technology and innovation, while becoming part of your community, both where we work and live.
  6. Autonomy Creates Agility – We believe improved process efficacy and increased efficiency are possible when employees with intimate customer knowledge and insightful professional experience are empowered to work directly with their customers to make decisions.

Solutions-based Values

These principles support T&T’s corporate values and sharpen our focus on continually improving the services we provide. The value statements we communicate to all employees are:

  • Exceed expectations
  • Be empowered for success
  • Encourage creative thinking
  • Follow best practices
  • Reward positive results
  • Conduct all business with trust and integrity
  • Give back to the communities where we work and live